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Foundation of EGSSA

On the occasion of the EGAA Meeting at Cairo in 2019, the orthopaedic surgeons Basim Fleega and Yasser Elsafoury decided that there was a need for an Egyptian Society of Shoulder  Surgery. Basim Fleega was 39 years working as a shoulder surgeon in Bonn Germany after a fellowship with Charles Neer in New York and was a founding member the German Shoulder Society in 1992,  he absolved 30 hears as a director of the GOC shoulder arthroscopic surgery hospital in Bonn Germany and now is a specialist of shoulder surgery in Cairo.

The EGSSA logo was created in draft form by Basim Fleega on a piece of paper – the humerus the scapula and ribs in Tut Anch Amoun crown 2019, a very artistic senior medical designer working with Basim Fleega – Mohamed Ezz L Deen – drew up the logo based on Basim’s  idea.

Yasser Elsafoury an upper extremity shoulder surgeon with a major interst in open shoulder surgery and microsurgery and is the head of an orthopedic department in Kasr Elaini University hospital.   
After having gathered a group of delegates of various medical centers and university hospitals with a similar interest, the Egyptian Shoulder surgery association was officially inaugurated in 2020.

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